Recently, a mountain bicycle became a must of the rental arsenal of the most Baikal tourist bases, and, in particular, those located on Olkhon Island or in its vicinity.

The Olkhon landscapes are really cut out for a mountain bike: rare pine forests, gentle rises and slopes, picturesque bays, and, the main – plenty of soft steppe roads on which you can let a course vehicle with a stock of food and equipment follow the group in order you could enjoy a bicycle ride light. And, if someone gets tired of treading, he/she may always take breath inside a minivan.

That is why tourists of any training can take part in our travels. It is quite enough to be a healthy and cheerful person, and, of course, to have an idea what a bicycle is.

The steppe roads of Baikal

Exploring Olkhon Island by bike
Duration: 6 days, 5 nights
Departure dates: on request.


The Tazheran steppe and the Olkhon Island are the two unique areas of Baikal where the impassable taiga forests and mountain rangers surrenders to a picturesque steppe, covered with undersized grass with hardly any trees and a number of small salt lakes. A flat terrain indented by just a few ravines, a wonderful panoramic view of Baikal, and remoteness make these areas an ideal location for cycling and backpacking adventures.


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