Disputes on who was the first to reach the North Pole – Robert Piri or Frederik Cook, – have been on till now. But we have our own point: the first to conquer the North Pole was a draft dog.

Draft dogs participated in all the scoopy discoveries and explorations of our planet’s polar areas. And many researchers paid respect to these patient, hardy and utterly devoted animals.

Draft dogs on Lake Baikal appeared seven years ago and have already become one of the regional highlights. In winter, everyone arriving in Listvyanka where the Baikal Dog-sledding Center is, looks forward to if not going for a ride then mixing with these friendly creatures.

Driving a dog team is rather expensive, therefore one-day 40 km trails are of greatest popularity. And if you want to make similar to our great ancestors we can offer you a separate trail on a dog team with some elements of expeditionary tourism, lasting for days.

Dogsledding and hovercraft experience on Lake Baikal


Dog sledding, hovercraft experience  and walking on ice
Duration: 4 days, 3 nights
Availability: February 1 – April 1




The dogsledding center was founded on Lake Baikal in Listvyanka village in 2002. It took years of hard work, experiments and failures before this activity became a true attraction of the whole region. Originally, the dogs came from Kamchatka region of Russia but today we can proudly say that the center has bred its own Baikal huskies: fast endurable and cute.


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