Ski tours

Skiing is one of the fondest and popular winter rests on Baikal. The local landscape provides a lot of opportunities in choosing routes.

When winter starts hundreds of skiers and snowboarders set off to explore the Khamar-Daban hill slopes. Baikalsk in winter is the warmest spot in the region. Temperature rarely falls below minus 10 C°. The sky blue, the lake ice silver and the mountains … The mountains gleaming at daybreak, bleachy sparkling at daytime, and scarlet at sunset.

For fans of more democratic rest we offer racing ski trails. Tourists choose optimally long and complex tracks in the wooden area of the Olkhinskoye plateau, and on the first days of February they lay ski tracks on snow-covered ice of Baikal.

The Baikal Dog-sledding Center offers a unique fun – ski-joring (ski-joring is “towing a skier with a dog team, a horse, etc.”). If you confidently stand on skis, you want to meet Kamchatka draft dogs, experience keen feelings and get some adrenaline – we look forward to you.

The Sable Lakes

Skiing in the Siberian wilderness.
Duration: 5 days, 4 nights
Availability: December 1 – March 20


We offer you a fascinating skiing trip in the very midst of Siberian wilderness – the Khamar-Daban mountain range that borders Lake Baikal from the South East. This vast area is yet mainly untouched and is considered to be a true paradise for local hunters and fishermen. You are sure to enjoy the magic winter forest buried under tons of sparkling snow; have a chance to spend several nights in hunters’ log cabins, learn how the local trappers hunt the famous Siberian Sable. However, to take part in this winter adventure one should be ready for spending long hours in the cold, toiling in deep snow with a heavy backpack and sleeping in squeezed conditions of a hunter’s log cabin.


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