Snowmobile tours

In off-road Siberian little villages located on the Baikal shoreline and linked to the administrative center merely through water, a snowmobile in winter and a motor boat in summer are almost the only transportation. Even an off-road car, though the Baikal ice stands it, is too vulnerable to wide cracks and hummocks.

Concerning a snowmobile, its capabilities on the Baikal ice are practically unlimited. Any beginner can learn to drive such a vehicle. Training takes less than an hour, and it will be already enough to take the instructor-guided Trance-Baikal travel. No to get frozen on the way, you will be provided with necessary warm gear.

Our snowmobile tours are supposed for untrained people, therefore, the routes are not difficult and the duration is not long, they more frequently go together with other kinds of active rest, for example, with skiing, ice fishing and dog mushing.

Yet, for experienced people we can offer a special route, worthy of your skills and expectations.

Snowmobile safari

Snowmobile safari accross Lake Baikal.
Duration: 4 days, 3 nights
Availability: February 1 – April 1


The immense water basin of Lake Baikal freezes all over in the second half of January (depending on how cold the winter is). In about 2 weeks, the ice is thick enough to bear the weight of a snowmobile or an ATV. The season of ice sun and fun begins!


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